Sleep is a Spiritual Hug

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I have always been connected and spiritual, and I have always loved sleep. I am so happy that my kids love sleep too. They know it helps them grow, heals all their boo boos, and makes their brain smarter. Even more than that, it is a recharge and literally a spiritual hug. That is how I survived my non stop, naps were a must, I scheduled them in between all the adventures.

I love being connected,

Maybe the world below will give you a glimpse to find your way.

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
In many circles I keep hearing the question “what can we do to keep our children turned onto God?” To me, the answer is simple. Teach them love of God, and not the love of religion. You see- and here’s where I get in trouble with believers of all walks- religion is an attempt- a poor attempt, at understanding and communicating with God. Religion is NOT God. Here’s another spiritual fact people forget: God has NO religion. So when you have smart children in an age of science and technology, and you want to captivate their attention with voodoo magic, you fail. In Judaism, we have a Shephard that is rescued from water and he talks to a burning bush that’s not consumed in the middle of a desert, who brings down the Egyptian empire by frogs and locusts, who splits a sea long enough for thousands to walk through and immediately after kill the enemy…. In Christianity there is a heavenly God that impregnates a young girl who gives birth to a man that is a spirit and God and son of God and she remains a virgin… and in Islam there is a prophet that takes off each night on a horse flies to heaven, talks to God, and brings back messages for us mortals… You get used to your own crazy stories and believe them to be true but laugh at the ridiculous stories told by others. This is the problem. Our children are smarter than this, than us. Eventually, they walk away from these stories to look for spirituality, for love, for community, for oneness. That is what we need to teach them. And if we want to teach them historic voodoo, then tell it to them not as true physical stories, but as stories that are spiritual in nature to teach us life lessons. Believe me, they would appreciate the honesty and not run away. God first. Religion as a way of communication with God second.

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