Jewish funny and Jewish not funny


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Afshine Emrani was feeling disgusted.
Larry David, if not for European Jewish survivors of Holocaust who built Israel to protect Jews who cure diseases you wouldn’t have a stage. Shame on you. So, rather than point out all the good Jews have done in this world, from vaccines, to immunotherapy, to physics and your iPhone to the disproportionate Nobel Prize winners in every category, you use your voice not only bring down Jews but also to make fun of the memory of 6,000,000 who were burnt to ashes in the Holocaust? Obviously you don’t understand the meaning of #neveragain and you think your silly little career and being in the obnoxious Hollywood in-crowd is more important than standing with those who gave you a voice in the first place. That’s what happens when you forget where you came from. Disgusting. Signed, proud Jew.

I fully agree. Putting down your ancestors, people that have suffered, and pointing fingers at fellow Jews is not funny.

Be a light.

Be careful not to spark a fuse of hate for people that may not fully understand the background, history, or circumstance. Many people look for a group to hate and blame. Unfortunately Jewish people are the first group in history that people love to hate and blame.

Don’t be that Jew that throws other Jews into the fire.

Be Jewish funny,

Coach Yulia

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