Wise words about ego and adulting

Gedale Fenster
The way God created the world was through a tzimzum, a contraction of light. He had to reduce his light in order for the world to exist. This is a big message for us, in order to reveal God’s light to us, we have to reduce our ego,honor, or glory and elevate it to God. This is done practically when a person admits that he was the one creating the shadow in his life not complaining that there is not enough light.
We all find our own way to understand the world, and for me Judaism makes sense. I love the explanations, and ego is always in the way, as well as taking responsibility.
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Then there is real life, tantrums, non stop, and somehow we have to figure out how to be the adult and bounce back!
Not easy!
Coach Yulia
Àdísà Àjàmú
In our society, there is a great developmental paradox: We have such high aspirations for children to be principled, upstanding, morally centered people, and yet, we have such low expectations for what it means to be an adult

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