“Divine Madness”

All day on Sunday was a whirlwind, nothing bad, Thank God, but it was a doozy. The kids had to be in completely different places, plans kept changing, but luckily we helped and others helped us, and we figured it all out. I did not have time to think of what to write all day, and then right before I had to head out for night classes; I saw a description of Jews that made complete sense to me.

“The world is absurd. Ugly absurd. To repair ugly absurdity, you can’t just be normal. You need an alternative absurdity. A beautiful absurdity. We call it ‘divine madness’.”

Rabbi Tzvi freeman


Especially today, we see the ugly in our faces, blatant and uncensored.  All I can do is be my authentic self, and teach my kids to shine their light. This is the only way I know to operate in this world, this is how I was raised, and nothing will ever make me feel low or bring me down.

I like the words “Divine Madness,” its an amazingly accurate description of the strength of the Jewish people which is sometimes shocking and misunderstood. Antisemitism is everywhere, and I am grateful for people that call it out, www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2017/10/29/uc-berkeley-paper-apologizes-for-anti-semitic-cartoon/.

Keep strong and shine!

Coach Yulia

Fred Maroun
The Times of Israel
Jews are an interesting minority.
Jews are a hated minority. They have always been. They have been hated longer than any other minority, more……BLOGS.TIMESOFISRAEL.COM


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