Weekend=Saturday Rest+ Sunday Non Stop

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Do you ever stop? I did not used to, and the only thing that kept me balanced was that I was a good eater, sleeper, and overall doing what I love. Once I got married I took on observing Jewish customs, laws, and traditions and my favorite is Shabbat. It has been 10 years in my new lifestyle and I honestly do not know how I survived without it. Usually weekends are to party more, blow of steam, and even on trips, you need a vacation from the vacation. My kids know the concept of stopping, turning off the world including devices, and complete rest.

Friday night to Saturday night we are off, and then Sunday the non stop begins. I am so happy that in our community there are so many activities, and the one above is my sons basketball league. What I love the most about it, is the skills that they learn, on the court and life skills. It is a non competitive environment, sure they play games, but there are no losers, and everyone gets assessed by their skill level, and teamed up accordingly.

We also have a birthday in the morning, while my daughter has drama, so my husband and I will be running around separately, keeping the kids busy.

I personally love the non stop, but it feels so good to re-energize and turn off, so when we go again, we are able to appreciate and enjoy it all.

Coach Yulia


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