You are the Birth Master

We’re guessing you’ve been around the childbirth block a time or two!

Perhaps you’re even a childbirth educator, doula, or midwife. You certainly know your stuff!

You are a great resource for other women who may need some encouragement or information. Let your light shine, mama!

newborn mom vernix Quiz-How Much Do You Know About Childbirth Mama Natural

Just got home from an all day labor and birth, and took the quiz above, and low and behold, I am meant to do this. I am exhausted and high at the same time. Feeling so grateful that this is my life work. Unfortunately I had to cancel two Yoga classes, one a private for a couple’s anniversary, and another for a couple I see regularly.

I really wish I could be everywhere at once, I didn’t see my kids all day; but I wouldn’t change the magic and miracle of how life works, and being where I need to be for anything.

While the world is literally going insane, I stay connected and true to myself.

I encourage you to stay connected and true to yourself.

It is the only way to survive.

It is the only way to thrive.

It is the only way to be alive!

Coach Yulia



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