Life is about moments

Today was a day of getting everything done, homework for the kids, emails and reminders for me, and all of us putting the house back together after the holidays. It was still a go with a flow lazy day, not too many plans, it happens to be super hot today, so besides a trip to the library there were no other plans to leave the house. Out of the blue I get a call from a good friend that she is in my neighborhood shopping for wedding dresses, and would love for me to pop in. I had to finish up a few things, my oldest wanted to come with me, and I feel so lucky I was there for one of the most important moments of her life. She was with two good friends, this was their second appointment, and after a couple of maybes, she found the one!

I love spontanaeity.

I love friendships that are connected no matter what, even if you are not in each other’s every day lives.

I love getting back to the real world, as much as I love taking time off for Shabbat and holidays.

It is going to be a busy week, with Depeche Mode squeezed in tomorrow night with the kids.


Coach Yulia

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