Did you notice I was gone?

My kids have spent many days this month reconnecting to their Jewish roots, missing school, and completely off of electronic devices.  Not to mention all of the craziness happening in the world, we just turned it all off. Since Wednesday night we have been celebrating with our community, and are just coming back. Kids are asleep, and I can slowly readjust and focus on a busy week ahead. I feel lucky that we step off of the world every week, Friday night to Saturday night, and my kids know, no TV, computer, or phone, the world can wait.

So now as I glance through social media, I take a deep breath, and realize why my roots, and that my children know their roots is so important to me. No matter what happens in the world, they will trust themselves, they will feel supported, and will be open to jump into the crazy world with no fear.

I am so grateful for my family, and every experience in my life so far. It just reinforces my deep connection, and how life keeps unfolding in the most beautiful way when you are true to yourself. I am inspired by people who are unapologetically themselves, and even they are not your taste, super intense, but real, they have my full respect.

I grew up in Miami, loving all kinds of music and hearing Miami Bass all around me. Below is one of the pioneers receiving a lifetime achievement award, and it is amazing to hear his unique journey, and how he gave back.



Coach Yulia

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