It’s been a decade!


10 years ago I was just married and gave birth to my first child, and now at 45 I feel like myself again. Content and grateful for everything and everyone in my life, and honestly don’t want to do too much of anything. However, when I heard Depeche Mode was in town at the Hollywood Bowl, I have been playing the songs for my kids, and now it is official, we will be dancing next week together, they will get a glimpse and feel of the party side of their mama.

It has been a crazy week so far, besides all the obvious crazy going on all around our country. One of my friends had a health scare, and another one just got laid off after buying a house. We all have things going on, just like the guy who would not let me make a turn, in his Bentley angrily squeezing in front of me even though he had a red light and couldn’t go anywhere. I should have just drove on, but I beeped and showed him the finger, and turned into my alley where I park.  Low and behold he must have jumped two lanes to follow me, roll down his window and yell obscenities. I yelled back, and thought that these must opportunities to get my inner me out, when I want to see the good in all, but have to let the build up out. Thank you ridiculous Bentley guy who chases down women, there is more, he sped down the alley, Thank God not a soul was passing by.

Just going to enjoy wishes and phone calls from family and friends all over the world and then jump right back into the grand finale of the Jewish holidays.

During the weekend the party is non stop,

Excited to see my fellow Jews below partaking in the traditions!

After the weekend I will party on!

Chag Sameach,

Coach Yulia

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