What is Sukkot?

Why is Sukkot Celebrated? The Sukkot Story Behind the – Aleph Beta

Besides the good food, traditions, family and friends, Jewish holidays also have beautiful deeper meanings of figuring out how to operate in this world as our true selves.

Everything is a lesson, even if it is a coincidence, there is a meaning.

The magic is that each of us have a different lesson to learn and will understand it from our place in life and our own unique perspective.

Chag Sameach!

Coach Yulia


Mordechai Ben Avraham
God pleaded, practically begged and warned Lot’s wife to “not turn back”. God was rescuing her, taking Lot’s wife into a new better reality & all God asked was, for her not to turn back. To let go of the past. Sadly, Lot’s wife did turn back and shortly after she vanished from planet Earth.
If you hold on to the Past, you run the risk of the past never letting you go. As you rise; Don’t Turn Back, no matter what..

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