Every Jewish holiday has a meaning, a purpose, and lessons to learn. Now that my kids are a little bit older, they understood how powerful it is to ask for forgiveness and forgive. Of course with long nights, and since we were fasting, our energy and approach to dealing with things were off, our buttons got pushed. Silly stuff, but tantrum stuff over silly stuff, so challenging to stay patient and in a place of teaching rather than giving up and pulling I am the parent card.

Thank God at the end of it all, while we were waiting for my husband to get home from prayer services, the kids and I patiently sat in the dark. Waiting for 7:16pm, the time on the calendar that the fast was over. We had one candle burning for 24 hours in honor and remembrance of my father in law, so we talked to him in the dark.

That is what life is about, surrounding ourselves with people that we can flow with, learn from, and be our true selves with. The kids definitely see their parents doing their best, but sometimes losing patience, and then we can talk about how important it is to acknowledge and take responsibility, and ask forgiveness.

Below is a video of a woman that survived such horrors, but found freedom in forgiveness.

Coach Yulia

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