Israel = Ooze Real

Afshine Emrani
Hamas: Two swords.
Hezbollah: Two rifles.
Israel: Two olive branches.
Whose emblem aims at peace?
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You probably have not heard about the terror attack in Israel this week that killed three young men. In other countries they say it like it is, but for some reason in Israel, the headlines are distorted. Below is the most amazing video of the United Nations, and how everyone is spewing lies, and a member of Hamas stands up to everyone to tell the truth.

I like to be real,

To say it how it is,

To speak the truth,

I like to Ooze Real,

That sounds just like Israel!

Coach Yulia

Alan Silver

Israel is really an APARTHEID state?

In the terrorist attack this morning, A Sephardic Jew, an Ethiopian Jew and an Israeli Arab were murdered.

The whole country mourns their deaths EQUALLY. We have many different types and tribes of people living here with various religions, and everyone is proudly defending our country for EVERYONE.

I just had an Arab from Abu Gosh in my shop and we spoke about it. His good friend Yusuf was killed in the terror attack this morning.

If I was not so busy, I would have gone to pay my respects to the family in their ‘mourners tent’ in Abu Gosh. I did not know Yusuf HYD, but I feel that he was a part of us as well. He paid the ultimate price for ALL of us. Jews, Christians, Druze, and Muslims alike, that ALL feel they are a part of our beloved country.

So, those idiotic, ignorant people overseas all over the world that shout out that Israel is an Apartheid state, they really showing who they really are and how little they really know.

May the 3 security people that were murdered today, rest in peace and may Hashem avenge their blood, equally.

And may the wounded security guard, make a full recovery, soon.

Alan Silver

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