• 1.small, loose particles of stone or sand:“she had a bit of grit in her eye”synonyms:sanddustdirtgravelpebbles… more
  • 2.courage and resolve; strength of character:“he displayed the true grit of the navy pilot”synonyms:couragebraverypluckmettlebackbone… more


I am inspired by people that succeed against all odds because of their character, drive, and grit. Enjoy more personal experiences and inner strength that got them through.

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
I grew up at a time when my learning disability went unrecognized, when learning disability was not even a thing. So, if you were like me and needed to read a paragraph a bunch of times to understand it, or as soon as you started reading, your mind would wonder wild refusing to focus at all, or you read a sentence in which the words or the order of words appeared backwards or random, you were on your own. At the risk of being called stupid or retarded, I covered up my disabilities with hard work and with grit. I taught myself tricks, to listen to words, to visualize concepts, to write down paragraphs to force my brain to concentrate. This is how I made it through undergrad and medical school. Even today, I can write an article or an essay and not see my spelling errors that are obvious to most. I’m so glad that there are entire schools dedicated to learning disabilities. In the end, though, it’s less important to be conventional bright, and more important to have discipline and grit. I had the passion to become a doctor and to help others and I wasn’t going to let reading difficulties get in my way. And today, I have the passion to teach others to embrace their vulnerabilities and overcome them, and I won’t let my problems spelling get in my way. Fall 9 times, get up ten.
Barbara Heller
If you’re breathing, have the eyes to see these words, and you can say that you ate a good meal today, are involved in work/projects you love and have at least one good close friend call it a great day and thank G-d. We are all so lucky to be here. I was a shoulder for a few friends this week who are growing through a challenging time and I was hit in the face and reminded that every day is a good day to rise up and be grateful for every single thing that we have. Stop complaining and start gratefulling. This is a message to myself. Just thought it was worth sharing. Go out and hug someone right now. Everyone is growing through some sort of challenge. As the Rambam once said, “The goal isn’t to be happy its to be in service and ultimately happy-ness comes from that.” Let’s Make many meaning and sweet moments this year 5778!
Àdísà Àjàmú
“How exquisitely human was the wish for permanent happiness, and how thin human imagination became trying to achieve it.”― Toni Morrison, Paradise

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