Thursday, Friday, Saturday off the grid


Meaningful and revealing words there Yulia. We think they have captured your bold spirit perfectly. You know what you like and how you want to live your life. You like to surround yourself with great friends and wonderful family. You have no time for liars, troublemakers and general negative influences. You do things your way!


I cannot get enough of positive words, it is so fun when the game gets a part of your personality exactly right. Jewish people all over the world are embarking on a journey of renewal, restoration, and rising to the highest levels of their true selves. I want to wish everyone celebrating a year of happiness, health, success, love and fulfilling all of your goals and dreams.

I am excited to be off of all computers, phones, social media, and the outside world for three days.

Shana Tova!

See you next year,

Coach Yulia



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