What is Rosh Hashana?

Miriam Rav-Noy on CBS for a pre-Rosh Hashana cooking demo! #roshhashana #holidayprep


Miriam Ravnoy with The Friendship Circle has some family favorites for the Jewish New Year. AMP.CBSLOCAL.COM|BY 97.1 AMP RADIO

This is so exciting, my friend Miriam is demonstrating how to make a delicious dessert for Rosh Hashana at the link above, and is also explaining the traditions and meaning of the Jewish New Year.

This is probably the most well known Jewish holiday, along with Yom Kippur that comes right after. First we celebrate another year gone by, count our blessings, and wish for ourselves and each other happiness, health, success, and love in the future. Yom Kippur is more introspective, it is digging deep into how we operated this year, asking for forgiveness from family and friends, and focusing on learning, growth, and connection.

Wishing everyone a sweet new year,
Shana Tova V Metuka,
Coach Yulia

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