We all have our own personal journey


Seriously folks, we are all different, we cannot be put into boxes, categories, and filed into a system. I guess there is a system, but there really is no system; just each individual on their own personal journey.

I honestly do not watch news, do not care what the hype is, usually avoid what is hot and popular. Examples, have never read Harry Potter or seen Game of Thrones, not interested, busy life, to each their own, enjoy if you love it.

It drives me nuts when the world cannot handle when someone does not fit into a box, and in the video above, obviously Jim Carrey never fit into any box. Now he is just pushing the envelope, not only in his movies, but in his personal revelations, and being labeled like crazy that he is crazy.

My response is, who cares?!

I guess it does make for good conversation and ratings, but we all have a crazy, and that is what makes life and people interesting. More importantly connect with each other, finding a similar crazy.

So here is my journey after having kids and trying to find me again, and embrace the new me. I started at 35 and will be 45 next month, and different things have worked and fit throughout the years. Everything from Herbalife, to Accupuncture, as well as cutting out foods to cleanse my body. Now I have found a structured program that my husband and I are finding success with, http://miaadlerozair.com/. I am almost 15 pounds down, and he has completely lost his love handles and belly is going down. On Shabbat we indulge, and during the week we do not eat wheat or dairy, and the only bread we can eat is Ezekiel.

The first week we started, on Shabbat I treated myself to a yogurt, and immediately felt bloated and had to go to the bathroom. From that day I do not touch dairy, it is not worth it, my body doesn’t like it anymore. We always eat some Challah, and I seem to be good with that, but yesterday I had a craving for cheerios with almond milk, and all of a sudden I felt itchy all over my body. It is just not worth it, I’m done, it is a new me, I am not hungry, I feel great, and I accept that now there are foods that do not like me.

Such is life,

We keep changing,

We keep growing,

We are heading out to two big community celebrations today,

One in our neighborhood, they are blocking off La Cienega from Pico to 18th,

10 year anniversary, new Torah, dancing, moon bounce, face paint, come!

Then off to Shalhevet for the annual Friendship Circle walk and festival,

Some beautiful thoughts for the Jewish New Year below,

Happy Sunday,

Coach Yulia


Gedale Fenster
With the new year approaching we have to be careful to say let me have a better year than last year and not complain about it. We have to approach our creator thanking him for the lessons we learned last year, and ask him that we merit to have the proper vessels to contain his abundant light. Basically don’t complain that you didn’t receive enough shefa, complain that didn’t put enough effort in expanding your vessels. To a year of expanded vessels. The best way to expand your vessels is through humility and gratitude. Ego and ingratitude shrink them. Don’t be bitter be better.

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