She lived a full life

Today my grandmother would have been 102. She passed away on Mother’s Day, and as magically as life happens all the time, I was with my mother when we heard the news. It was random, yet nothing is really a coincidence. My parents decided to check out Las Vegas, and I decided to join them that weekend, because of Mother’s Day, and so the grand kids can enjoy their grandparents.

There is so much to say about her life, but if you can put it into just a few words, it would be grateful, happy, fulfilled, and positive. What a blessing to come from that mindset and those genes!

I didn’t realize it was her birthday until I randomly, yet nothing is an accident, called my mother to share that my oldest son was in Orchestra. He is the only grandchild to follow in my mother’s musical talent, skill, love, and understanding of the language of music.

She was an example of how life is not easy, but it is worth it, and you might as well trust yourself, and fill your life with love, happiness, family, and doing things you enjoy.

You are in my thoughts Babushka Anya,

Your Yulichka,

Coach Yulia


Before we left Russia, I was the little girl among all the boy cousins and brother

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