Life Interrupted by Life


Lately all of the messages that are coming my way are about how I operate in this world, and the words above are how I really believe life works. It is an hour long video, but the message below it is the gist.

My family in Miami and Atlanta as well as friends, have had their life interrupted by Hurricane Irma. The crazy thing is that my family from Miami evacuated to Atlanta, and then the remnants of Irma caused tornadoes and storms; so my family in Atlanta is now still out of power!

My life is all about interruption, change, and flexibility; and that is how I like it. The challenge is to make sure I am covered when my kids need me, or a woman goes into labor so I can drop everything and go support as a Doula. Tuesday I miscalculated, or in my happy bubble, trusted the universe to work out as it should. I was in between helping my son go to physical therapy, which is the final step in healing after he fell on his elbow, rollerskating the second week of camp. Everything was running late, and I had one more class to teach, I should of thought to cover it earlier, since I also had a client that could go into labor any minute. I love teaching my classes so much, and I have regulars that have been coming for almost 20 years. I had to cancel last minute, because all of my juggling sometimes falls short, and it is a lesson of making sure I am always covered. I reached out to five people that usually help me, but nobody was available. Simultaneously I got a call that the labor has started, and the journey began.

Luckily my husband was home, I spent a good amount of time, but it was just the beginnings of labor, so we all decided to get a good nights sleep. Yesterday my husband was going out of town for the day, I had an open day overall, but had to make sure carpool was taken care of, and somebody would be with my kids after school. I made all my phone calls, and even covered myself for today, just in case the birth took extra time.

Thank God for wonderful friends, I was able to drop everything and experience my first home birth, and got to catch the baby! Then got home, showered, told the kids to go to bed, and ran out to teach two more classes.

I love my life interrupted by life,

Coach Yulia



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Octavia Voltaire
Happy “Death-Day” to me. Two years ago on this day my entire world was tipped upside down when I was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease. I was told by my medical team that I had 2 weeks, 2 months, but at the very most, 2 years to live. Today is THAT day! I was hospitalized in the ICU, had a chest tube, and was placed on around-the-clock oxygen and high dose steroids. I was certain I was a goner. It was such a mind-fuck since I was relatively healthy up until that point. I hadn’t taken an antibiotic in over 15 years because I hadn’t needed one. When everyone else got sick in the family or at the office, I was the one who it missed. Over the past two years my life has changed so dramatically. What caused it? Who knows? The doctors still have no idea. Was it Brazil? Nepal? Belarus? all countries I had visited right before my diagnosis? I was about to lose my wings and be “grounded”, for a while as I healed or died. It’s a strange thing to stare death in the face. You’re mad, you’re sad, you’re regretful, you throw daily pity-parties, and then something miraculous happens. . . . you become resilient. I never knew my own strength until this illness. I never appreciated life as much, until this illness. I never valued relationships until I was faced with the possibility that they were coming to an end. I learned countless lessons, but the one that stands out in the front of the line of “lessons learned” is how important it truly is to “live like you’re dying”. I don’t know how long I have left, but my life has changed. I don’t sweat the small stuff as much anymore. I let people go, who want to be gone without a fight. I choose to be happy. I am more committed than ever to the causes that are important to me, because I am aware that I really do have only “so many days left” here, and I want to spend them making a difference and doing something good. For those of you who went through this battle with me, THANK YOU for your compassion, care, and patience with me while I found my inner-peace and soldier strength. I’m off to go skydiving now. ; )

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