Let’s talk destruction.

Human destruction of buildings and people,

Hidden instruction, premeditated and evil!

Obstruction of justice, of kindness, together we’ll heal.

With new construction our lives we rebuild.


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Remembering 9/11,  visiting my family in Miami from Los Angeles for my 10 year high school reunion.  Browsing America online, side building burning in the news thread, ignored it, turned on the TV and saw the second plane hit. Still in shock of the hatred, and that it happened on American soil.

Above is Human Destruction,

Below is Nature’s Destruction,

In both situation, we move forward, united, and together,

Human Nature,

Coach Yulia


Let’s talk destruction.

Nature destroys buildings and people, showing no affection,

Nowhere to hide from unknown weather direction.

Harvey and Irma wreaking havoc,

As I remember Andrew in 92,

Even other states are experiencing the after effects,

Losing power and flooding, everything askew.

Human nature is shining as communities open their doors,

We are better united, rebuilding together, despite all the horrors.





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