The Jewish Month of Shedding and Becoming

Afshine Emrani is with Steven Kamara.
For #Elul. Love and spirituality.
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Remember, you are a spiritual being having physical experiences. #Elul
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On one hand we are physical, and on the other hand we are all soul. In this world we are riding the waves of life, the ups and downs are a good thing because we need to know one to know the other.

We all come from different backgrounds and beliefs, but everyone in their own way has a way of connecting to their gut and having an understanding of energy and the law of attraction. Different people call it different things, for Jewish people everything is directly from God, so ultimately it is all for the good.

Something that seems overwhelming and challenging also helps us grow, transform, and break through.

Mordechai Ben Avraham

You’re on a ride of a lifetime. Your only job is the let go and let the ride, take you to the destination. The worst thing, that could happen, would be attempting, to control the journey. Attempting to control the journey – ruins the story, because it limits it to your imagination. Disconnecting you from God’s imagination for you. Same way we can’t understand the totality of the creator, neither can we Comprehend his plans for us. Let go, Enjoy the process and let God take you there!

I love the Jewish perspective of let go and let God. Whatever your goals, dreams, and feelings say deep inside of you, it is so powerful to just let go and be open for more.

Coach Yulia

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