How do you Self Express?

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I love to get all dolled up, the works, and the makeup above is not for day, it is for glam, for a big night out, it was for our 10 year anniversary a few weeks ago. I take this very seriously, I thought about my outfit, my hair, my face, shoes, and it was so much fun to see it all come together, I love the process! This is how I self express, next up is an outrageous outfit for the game show Let’s Make A Deal, I will keep you all posted.

Shabbat is my day to relax, get a break from devices, and read. Today my reading took me throughout artistic expression, and I love to hear about the process of each artist, how they create, it is fascinating to me. I was reading a comic book to my kids, and along with author and illustrator, it said colorist. It is so wonderful that this is a profession,

This was about a collector, as much of an art as the art itself,

I love unique music, and I love when it is all mixed up, and these musicians really reach back into history, to introduce a new generation to a unique sound and collaboration.

One of the most powerful articles was about personal growth, and how when we see something that bothers us in others, is really a lesson that we can learn for ourselves.

I love the article below about hobbies and how healthy they are,

What are yours?

Coach Yulia

Yehudit Garmaise
Let’s bring back “hobbies”
🙂 <3 What are yours? <3 (FB doesn’t count.) 🙂
We know you have work and family obligations, but what about pursuing an interest just for the joy of it?


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