What is your gift, talent or skill?

Berry Schwartz Some people need a feather to be unleashed. Others? A jackhammer.


Afshine Emrani
There are people in whose very presence you feel healed, and loved, and understood, and elevated. Be one of those people.
Stay humble, that’s the only way to keep growing. #Elul



Know your medicine and walk strong with it. This is one of mine.


We all have something to share with the world and with each other. I really relate to the words above, because it is a glimpse into Doula and Energy work. It is something that cannot be explained, it is a bit of a therapy, holding space and empowering a person to just be themselves. Also when each person goes through a healing and transformative process, many things come up, and they know they are supported and it is all going to be for the good.

Below are more inspirational messages from friends, about delving deep into who you really are, and allowing that to shine and emulate into every thing that you come in contact with.

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

Mordechai Ben Avraham“Greatness has been waiting for you longer than you’ve been pursuing it.”
Tali Sanaam Gonik Theres no such thing as later. Its a myth that feeds upon your fears and insecurities. Dont buy it. BE CRAZY, LIVE!
Àdísà Àjàmú When we decide to make changes in our lives that are truly transformational, whether it’s changing our diet, our spiritual focus, our lifestyle or the ways we love, it is so much more than just a change for the better—it is a quiet ministry-Àdísà -Black Love IS Black Power.


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What are you doing with your gift today?

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