No “matter” what you believe, everything is connected

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Afshine Emrani
The elements- carbon, nitrogen, oxygen- those that are the backbone of life, making up DNA and RNA, were not present at The Big Bang. They were made from stars that exploded much later. That stardust scattered throughout the universe and through a series of chemical reactions and through the principal of emerging properties which says that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, led to life as we know it. And we carry inside the cells of our bodies dust from stars that exploded and died millions of years earlier, one star in the retina so we can see and another in our gut so we can eat, yet another in our genitalia so we can reproduce. There is tremendous poetry in motion when we become aware of the dance between science and mysticism, between what can be measured and the intangible. Life is a product of miraculous explosion of remote stars that gave of themselves so that we could sing their praises, in awe of the world around us.


Every person you talk to will have a different experience, thought process, and understanding of everything around us. Nobody is the same, everybody is different, and it is important to get to know somebody, be open, learn from each other, and grow.

I feel such a power in uniqueness, so celebrate who you are, share it with the world. Inspire, motivate, and shine your light, while you are open to get inspired and grow as well.

We are not stagnant,

Change is good,

Live Life!

Be Present,


Coach Yulia

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