Harvey shows the real America!

This was yesterday! I know LA has nothing to complain about, especially weather, but this Miami girl is shocked by some tropical showers and humidity mixed with desert sun and heat! Stayed home in AC all day, Shabbat, Day of Rest
  • coachyuliaThis was yesterday! I know LA has nothing to complain about, especially weather, but this Miami girl is shocked by some tropical showers and humidity mixed with desert sun and heat! Stayed home in AC all day, Shabbat, Day of Rest


On Friday I was running all over town with my kids since they were off from school for the holiday weekend. I just had to take a picture of the crazy weather outside, it went from 101 degrees, and kept on going until 104! Yes, in LA we really have nothing to complain about, but we want Hollywood perfect weather, so we are never satisfied.

Of course Harvey puts everything in perspective, and I have been sharing non stop about all the acts of kindness and heroism.  This is the real America, the extremes are just that, we are a nation of diversity and kind souls!

Afshine Emrani
I want to tell you a story. People will tell you to think outside the box, but I want to tell you to think inside the box. A couple of weeks ago, a few Nazi bastards marched in Charlottesville. They clashed with a few Antifa thugs, and we saw an ugly side of America. This week, a natural disaster hit Houston. The staff in my tiny office put out a box to collect donations to help the victims of hurricane Harvey. Then came the images of people by the thousands volunteering to help, of people forming human chains to rescue those stuck in their homes, of goodwill stores overflowing with gifts, of White people helping Black people and vice versa, of temples, churches and mosques opening their doors to everyone, of firefighters carrying mother and child, and tough men holding the hands of the elderly, of a furniture store that allowed people to sleep over and of private citizens pledging money by the millions. In my office, Persians, Armenians, African-Americans, Hispanics. Russians, Israelis, Europeans, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, put money in that box, to help people they’ve never met, to pray for those of all colors and creeds. I want to tell you that although hate makes the news, love is the building block of America. Nazis and Antifa gangsters are few, and not our America. Our America comes together in times of need. Americans are good and decent people. Be proud. Be hopeful. Look inside that box. Despite what the news wants us to believe, we are more united than ever. America is the land of angels. Good morning.


I am so proud of my hometown heroes, that volunteer in our Jewish community with emergency situations, packed up everything and headed straight to Houston!

Orli Bloom is feeling proud.

I have to share this. Instead of flying with his family to Cleveland today (they are moving from L.A.), my brother Michoel Bloom, along with other members of the Jewish volunteer EMS organization, Hatzola, flew to Dallas to help with the Harvey relief efforts. The team came with supplies and will working with other organizations, including FEMA. They are risking their lives, conducting search and rescue operations and any other help that may be needed.
My heart is full, watching America come together to help with the devastating storm.

I picked up my old friend and EMT Michoel Bloom from the airport here in Dallas last night. We met up with friends from Hatzolah of Los Angeles and Jet911. They are in Houston right now performing Urban Search and Rescue. These are incredibly brave and dedicated guys who are volunteering their time, resources, and skills to save lives. They are literally risking their lives to save others. I am proud to know them. Please help support them so they can be successful in their noble quest. Give what you can. Thank you! https://www.gofundme.com/Hatzolah-Harvey


God Bless them and everybody else that lend a hand,

Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually, Spiritually, and Financially

Coach Yulia

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