In this magic month Elul in the Jewish calendar, find and express your true self

#ELUL: Read the first letters vertically down- Shir HaShirim 6:3. I am my Beloved and my Beloved mine. We all have God’s Spark within us. Our soul is calling to be heard again. Rumi said- what you seek is seeking you. We feel emptiness as we walk away from our true self, from our eternal souls. We get lost in anger, envy, pettiness, bickering, narrowness and we are distanced from our souls. ELUL is the call to return back to our souls. We cleanse the dust off the windows to see the light again, to love and be loved in return, to forgive, to open our hearts. God is near. Be silent and listen. — with Afshine Emrani MD, FACC.


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I love my Jewish roots, and I also love the stars, to have different perspectives to our personality and being. Our soul is beyond all of it, we can ascend any limitations, but it is fun to hear descriptions of our essence.

You can play the game below too!

Coach Yulia



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