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So grateful that my husband of 10 years appreciates and allows my creative side to shine!

There are many sides to all of us. Everyone that meets me in a certain aspect of my life is only conscious of a strong personality in one dimension. Some people only know me as a Yoga teacher, many have met me in my performance and creative dalliances, while others as a wife, mother, and nice Jewish girl. Of course my childhood friends, and amazing people I have met through my adventures travelling and working on cruise ships, they all only meet one side.

One thing I miss about my performance art days are creative expression and the process. Honestly, late nights and the effort and time it takes to put something fabulous together is fun, but also all consuming. I will be good for a while now, although the parties have just begun, my oldest son’s birthday, my birthday, my husband’s birthday, as well as all the Jewish holidays and most major holidays are just around the corner! I will just have to party on, I love to say excess once in a while is moderation.

The process was so fascinating and exciting this time, I will share how it began to unfold.

Thanks to social media I am connected to friends and can see all the fun stuff they are sharing and what events everyone is going to. I love dress up events, the more extravagant the better, and last night was costume royalty. So we got our tickets two weeks ago, and last week it was sold out.

At first I wanted and up do for my hair, but then I was feeling an Eastern, Asian, Indian or even African Nefertiti vibe. Thursday morning I was thinking it may be nice to wear an Indian Sari, and my friend must have read my mind because she happened to mention in Yoga class Thursday morning that I could borrow her wedding Sari from 16 years ago! So then I had to figure out who can wrap me, because you have to do it right, and I reached out to all of my Indian friends. Luckily a guy friend and a fellow mom both knew how to wrap, and the mom was free Saturday night. I excitedly called one of my closest friends who has photographed me and been on my creative journey since I moved to Los Angeles in 2000. He had mentioned a make up artist that he reconnected with, and luckily he was available, and he was perfect.

I love to put it all together, to show it off, and to watch everyone else’s creations come to life. We saw some good friends, and visited some wonderful friends that I was lucky to perform with throwing a party down the street, Boulet Brothers show was the highlight of the night.


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