If you seek good, you shall find good

Yesterday was that kind of day, and most of my days are exactly like this. I have a general plan, but I really allow myself to be led to exactly where I need to be. My first order of business was to drop off the kids at school, and talk to my kindergartner’s teacher because I am going to be a room parent this year.

Then I had some time, needed to get my eyebrows “did,” but the place opened in 45 minutes, so I text a few friends to see if they were around, but there was some traffic, so treated myself to Coffee Bean. I had a Latte with an almond and coconut milk mix, and I swear it tasted as good as milk. My husband has been looking for a close substitute, I am excited for him to get some and try it at home.

Eyebrows done, next to Santa Monica Court House to deal with some paperwork to clear my red light traffic ticket, it’s all done, but it has not gone through the system. I found a meter right in front, usually the customer service windows are not too busy, and super quick. I only had a quarter which gave me 7 minutes. I was finished in 3, had time to use the ladies room, back with one minute to spare.

I went to an amazing class with my 85 Yoga teacher Raghavan, which I take every Wednesday at 10:30am at the Santa Monica 24 Hour Fitness. In the year 2000, I moved to Los Angeles from Miami to find myself, and I found my Yoga  teacher, so blessed to be teaching for almost 20 years. He is giving a free Yoga class Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 6:30pm, the details are below.

My amazing yogi dad Raghavan who begun his carreer with swami Vishnu De Vananda founder of the Sivananda yoga ashrams in 1970 and went on to have one of the first yoga centers in LA The Scientific yoga society on main street SM in the 70’s and 80’s he teaches 17 yoga classes per week for 24hour fitness Santa Monica and Beverly Hills as well as his yoga teachers training at Kathmanhu boutique studio in Santa Monica. He is still teaching with as much fervour and love and enthusiasm as when he started in his path 40 years ego .Next month he is starting a yoga class at Santa Monica Library Ocean park branch here is the info below and some of Raghavans photos in his prime .


After my class I had a doctors appointment, and when I arrived my scheduling was for a completely different location, but luckily they squeezed me in. Then I had an amazing lunch at https://www.facebook.com/mexikosher, then picked up the kids from school and raced to my next appointment. I brough their devices so I could get my hair done, my husband was in meetings all day, it was all good. Now we are home, eating, relaxing, doing homework, blogging, and watching a little TV before bedtime.
Life is good,
If you seek good, you shall find good,
Coach Yulia


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