Antisemitism in Europe and United States

Afshine Emrani
I detest when Jews fight. Please don’t call a Jew on the left “terrorist sympathizer” or on the right “Nazi supporter.” None of us is Hitler or Arafat because we disagree. We must have better discourse. The only thing that the far right and the far left have in common is the hatred of Jews. How horrible for us to support one side’s antisemitism to score political points. Breathe. Let’s fight our enemies, not each other.
The New York Times
Antisemitism in Europe by Deborah E. Lipstadt. Read. Share. Important.
Europe isn’t on the cusp of another Holocaust. But the situation is still pretty bad.

After the recent wave of hate, I see it from my personal perspective of Antisemitism coming from every side and everywhere.
Elissa Wald
Several more delightful anti-Semitic bridge banners in Oregon. My favorite is: UNJEW HUMANITY, a literal call for Jewish genocide.
A family driving north from California to see Monday’s solar eclipse from Oregon found hatred on the freeway once they entered the northwestern state.


I am happy to see celebrity brothers and sisters showing Jewish pride,

Coach Yulia

I see you Piano Man! 👏🏾

Celebrity Billy Joel’s donning of a yellow Star of David at a Madison Square Gardens concert was surprising, given his previous criticism of performers pushing their political agendas. WORLDISRAELNEWS.COM

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