Let’s change the world by asking, can I help?

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I was looking for a picture to represent this post, and this book is magic, it really shows that when you are kind, the world is kind to you, great lesson in our world today.

I feel so grateful that I literally see magic in the little day to day flow of life. It is amazing how many opportunities there are to help someone, if we are aware, open, and conscious. Most of the time we are operating in an automatic mode, our routine, work, parenthood, and everything on our to do list. Not to mention checking social media to make sure we did not miss anything or anyone important.

Lately, I keep on seeing opportunities to help, and I find myself just asking if I can help. If I have the time, if it feels right, and if they say no, I know that I was of service. It might actually brighten someone’s day if they notice someone is paying attention and willing to lend a hand.

Maybe a month ago I posted that I left my house early with my sons to pick up my daughter across town, went a random way, got a red light, and a little old lady with a cane and a Russian accent asked where Wilshire was. I pointed in the direction, and as I was driving away I realized it was really hot, she was barely standing with a cane, and it was five blocks away. I made a U turn, picked her up, and the whole way to her destination, she was giving me blessings. All I said was AMEN, and she ran off to her appointment, and I ran off to pick up my daughter. Someone said I was her angel, but I believe she was my angel, and gave me the blessings I needed.

A few days ago, I saw a woman struggling putting a car shade in, and asked if I could help, she said no, and I went on my way.

Then the other day, I saw a fit and tall man with his hands full, and he was trying to bend down and pick up a bag, I asked if I could help, he said no thank you, and I kept going.

Today was amazing, my daughter and I were walking to synagogue, and an older woman with a cane was not able to get onto the curb herself, a bus had just come and stopped right in front of her. I gave her my hand, and walked her to the synagogue right down the block. I love showing my children opportunities to do a mitzva, a good and kind deed.

My friend posted a beautiful reminder to do acts of kindness,

The responses keep coming in (I took the names out and only left responses),

I will add mine to the list today,

Coach Yulia

How many acts of kindness did you personally do today to counter the greater negativity? #rippleeffect

I am on a serious roll today. I can’t put into words the amazingness.
Half way through my run this morning I ran through century city. A woman had just gotten out of a car, and suddenly she fell down. I ran to help her, she seemed ok, but I still rode the elevator to the 19th floor where she worked to make sure she was in fact ok.
In effect of my job I also got to give out lots of hugs and love, support and guidance.
I gave charity twice today, one to a homeless man, and another to my daughters school 😊

Here’s an idea, what ever good deed you did, don’t write it here.. Write it in your heart and tell Hashem about it.. He will reward you and entrust you with even greater deeds than this. You also will receive a multitude of baruchot for performing the these deeds.

I spent half a year doing humanitarian work, helping widows and orphans and never received any respect or compliments for putting my money and life on the line to help the less fortunate. However, I don’t regret a moment of it and the few people who loved me, smiled and hugged me for coming to live with them (temporarily) and try to alleviate (as best I could, not so much) their harsh existence and grim reality gave me so much simcha that it was all worth it. These people have ingrained me in their heart and I ingrained them in mine. Even though we will not see each other on Earth again, in Olam Ha Bah, every good deed will be honored and every soul unified.

Thanks for the reminder. Tonight at a “We Stand with Charlottesville” rally in Akron, I helped a woman to her feet after the program was over..
check out my fb page I am raising $ for a newly single mom with 3 kids.
👍💝🤔 Great question! Great reminder! 🥀🌹

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