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Poor Barcelona. Poor Charlottesville. Poor Paris. Poor Brussels. Poor Istanbul (over and over again). Poor Yemen. Poor Iraq. Poor Afghanistan. Poor, poor Syria. Hey humans, STOP KILLING EACH OTHER. Ok, useless shout into the pointless ether of Facebook over, I’ll now return to my regularly-scheduled working-and-consuming cycle.

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Afshine Emrani
When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers. #Barcelona Here taxi drivers whisking the public away from danger for free, no payment! Humanity. Love.


Did you know that the Barcelona attack was in front of a Kosher restaurant and near an ancient Jewish quarter?


Charllotesville Jews that were praying in a synagogue were so scared of attack and violence, they were getting ready to flee out of the back door, and even took the Torah with them because sacred scrolls are protected.



Jews, lets stand up tall and proud,

Speak up and Speak out loud!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


*if anyone knows how to actually send an email to Jared Kushner, please PM me.

An open letter to Jared Kushner.

Dear Jared,

I understand that being both son-in-law and advisor to Donald Trump puts you in some very uncomfortable situations. I empathize with that sense of moral ambiguity you may face between kivud av v’aim (respecting your parents) and protecting the dignity of our country and the presidency.

However, we have reached a point where there is no ambiguity. It is clear that you, the grandchild of Holocaust survivors must speak out now against hatred, bigotry and violence. We, the American people, need you to be our Moses. Although it was uncomfortable and awkward and frightening for him to do so, Moses stood up to his father figure, spoke out against slavery and oppression. He bravely stood up to hatred. Jared, this is your Moses moment. You and you alone have this unique opportunity to speak out. As a son of privilege, it is your moral obligation to do so.

When I voted for the first time, my father told me that politics was not about me. Politics is about people who don’t have our advantages and privileges and need someone to advocate for them, that my vote should be a vote advocating on behalf of others.
On Shabbat morning, Jews attending synagogue in Charlottesville had to sneak out a back door and ensure a buddy system to get home safely.

For the first time in my life, I can imagine that a Holocaust could happen here. On Sunday, I found myself shocked that we could still be having race riots in a country where we are so educated and evolved. We have had a black president, gays have the right to marry and our society is navigating the way toward accepting transgender people – we, as Americans, have so much to celebrate and be proud of.

Yet, today, I feel unsafe in my own country. I feel like I am disadvantaged and need someone to advocate for me. The phrase “never again” is pounding in my ears and should be pounding in your ears, too. Pounding, pounding, pounding until it is so deafening that you must scream out in pain and anguish and self-defense.
Don’t you see? Your father-in-law, the leader of our free country, is condoning the behavior of neo-Nazis, proud and shameless neo-Nazis, to march in our streets and shout anti-Jewish slogans over and over. “Jews will not replace us”. Can’t you see? They are talking about oh and your children.

Your grandparents did not escape the Holocaust and build a dynasty with a commitment to Jewish education and Jewish continuity in this country to see their grandson stand silently by as the president, whom their grandson serves as a personal advisor, allows grown men to threaten and denigrate the security of their grandchildren and great grandchildren, simply because of their religion.

Please forgive me, Jared, for calling you out in a public way. I have often found myself defending both you and Ivanka in private conversations, as I do believe that your intentions are to respect your father-in-law and probably to protect him from himself.
The time has come for you to be a hero, to make your grandparents, your parents, your children and your grandchildren proud. This is your legacy. Say something. Please. Never again.. and not on your watch.

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