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Irina Tenenbaum
It is illegal to scream fire within a crowd when it’s not true. Obviously, screaming about violent intentions or threats on a plane would also land you either in jail or the psych ward. All of society accepts some reasonable limits to free speech when it creates a real danger to others.
Discrimination is an expression of false claims. Discrimination takes many forms, yet always originates from perception/assertion of ‘superiority by circumstances of birth’. Words based in discrimination generate a very real mob, trampling over others indiscriminately. Please don’t ever minimize the soul crushing and deadly danger to anyone in its path.

I am happy to see conversation, debate, and communication happening everywhere. Our country is so beautifully diverse, that is what makes it unique. It really makes no sense to single groups out, and the video above is very powerful, because the singling out is the beginning of dividing people.

Stop listening to everyone else, and go deep inside yourself, and speak your truth.

Coach Yulia

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