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Afshine Emrani
I feel a deep sense of shame. Imagine if only one Holocaust survivor watched how we behaved this weekend over #Charlottesville. These few remaining men and women lost their families as their brothers and sisters and parents were murdered and burned to ash by the Nazi party over which we argued to score political points. When we say #NeverAgain and #NeverForget it means we should honor the survivors and the memories of those who perished, not use them as pawns in our silly games of Right vs. Left, Conservative vs. Liberal, and Trump bashing vs. Obama name calling. We should always and unequivocally stand against Nazis and neo-Nazis, no ifs, ands, or buts. Dayenu. I feel shame and so should you. I’m sorry, truly sorry, for tarnishing the memory of the Jews who died in the Shoah.

This amazing woman. 💪🏽❤️💔😓
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Evey Leibow
The events in Charlottesville are heartbreaking. To everyone who may say that it started out as a peaceful and lawful demonstration- KKK and Nazi imagery are not peaceful. The reality is that too many “moderate” Trump supporters are in the dark and act like the majority of Trump supporters aren’t ignorant hateful bigots. This country isn’t perfect ( by any stretch of he imagination), but it, with all of those imperfections, has been something of a haven to many people. And with all its ( many many) problems, there HAS been some progress. But then something like this happens and it just feels like where has it all gone? Why do so many people think this isn’t a HUGE problem? Why are so many people shocked that this was possible? Especially as a Jew, I don’t understand how anyone could align her or himself with anyone who insights such hateful speech. So painful to watch. And to the Jews who act white or who are able to “pass” as white— they HATE us too. To them, we are not nor have ever been white Americans. So frustrating.

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I can only speak of my Jewish personal experience, and the sign above which is in the Switzerland of today is no surprise to me. A fellow Jewish sister was shocked at the blatant, in your face Jew hate at the Charlottesville disaster, I was not. It is something my family knew in the former Soviet Union, and what I personally have experienced even in America.

Unfortunately hatred is everywhere, but we live in a time that we can stand loud and proud against it. At first there was disbelief and grief, and the comments were very angry of course, it was horrific. Today the comments are all about standing together, hope, speaking out, and stamping out hate, period!

Coach Yulia

Mia Adler Ozair
Do you want to help? Look around at your personal world–how much love and kindness have you expressed today? #rippleeffect



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