What happened today?!

As most of you know, I am completely off the grid for 24 hours, from Friday night to Saturday night. I cannot wrap my mind around, and have not read all of the information and comments about the events in Virginia. Below, one comment really puts it in perspective and another comment is that hate will always lose!

Coach Yulia

Lauren Browdy
My heart is breaking from today’s events in Charlottesville. At least in NYC, it’s easy to forget that as Jews, we are included on a long list of people that white supremacists would like to see dead (that list includes black people, Muslims, and others). In all honesty, it’s even easy to forget white supremacy still exists at all in my bubble.
I don’t know who originally took this photo, but I’ve seen it circulating and it has given me all sorts of emotions. The first, most obvious thing about it is that there is a black cop standing guard protecting these white supremacists, protecting people that hate him because he’s black, because it is his job to protect free speech.

What I noticed after served as the reminder that it is not only him that these people hate.

The man holding the confederate flag in the left corner is holding a sign that reads “Jews are satan’s children.”

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Rabbi Adam Greenwald
So here’s the thing to keep in mind… the Nazis will always lose. 100% of the time. Yes, from time to time they will emerge from under their rocks, and some days like today they will even hurt people, but they are always bound to lose. Pity them their ignorance and brutality and ultimate failure. We will not be terrified of history’s losers.

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