Reactions to Charlotsville

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As a Jew, I am appalled at the hate from Virginia, and sad that no matter what side you are on, Jewish people are the enemy, scapegoats, and easy to blame for everything. I am shocked that the Jewish governor of Virginia is blaming Trump, and I do not understand Jews that take sides.

Lets unite together against hate!

Coach Yulia


Sruli Broocke
The thing that’s bugging me about the Charlottesville incident is that people are using it to focus on Trump, instead of focusing on the hatred.




If you ever want to know why Jews need Israel, all you need to do is look at the Charlottesville rally, a brazen and open display of unadulterated hatred, where Nazis once again roamed freely.

And the one thing that Jews have in common throughout history is being the target of the fascist left and the fascist right, so whether it’s Nazis in Charlottesville or fascist ‘rights’ movements like BDS, they all want the Jews gone.

The reality is that Jews are hated by many sides of the political spectrum, and that hatred is cultivated in different ways. Sometimes it’s positioned as intellectual as in universities who consider themselves ‘progressive’ and sometimes it’s in uncouth brutality, such as Nazi rallies or Islamic ‘days of rage.’ Sometimes it’s positioned as seeking ‘human rights’ and sometimes it’s positioned as being anti ‘colonisation,’ but it always has the same ultimate and nefarious goal.

When you are hated for who you are, it seldom matters whether the person is from the right or the left.

Israel is the land of the Jews and will always be the place where Jews can achieve their ultimate self-realisation; however it is also a haven and a country where Jews don’t or should not need to live in fear for the sole fact of being a Jew.

The fight for Israel is the same fight as the fight for the right to live as a Jew. It’s a national fight, but it’s a very personal one too.

When we fight for Israel and we stand up to hatred, we stand up for ourselves too. We MUST defend it ourselves, because we cannot rely on others to do so –
history has already shown they have failed that test.

We must defend our country and our people, because it goes far beyond mere rights – it’s about our very survival.


Afshine Emrani
Yesterday as people screamed at each other and I read hours of comments, I made one realization. We voted for the candidate Trump or candidate Clinton based on one simple formula. Which scares us the most: The fear of White Supremacists/ KKK, or the fear of radical Islamists? Which do you think will cause more harm to America? Which do you think is a near and present danger, and which can you explain away? Because, I think this is how we voted. That simple. That crazy.  If you deathly fear Islamists, then you voted Trump. If you are terribly scared of KKK then you voted Clinton. Think about it. When the Charlottesville disgusting KKK showed up, not even wearing hoods, because they are not afraid, because they are freaking proud of themselves, our reaction as a nation should have been immediately united, all against them. Why should we fight each other when we all have a common enemy, the Nazis? Because it became political. The left, who fears KKK more than Islamists said this is Trump’s fault. How crazy. And then, the right came out and in a stupid way said “well, this is not a big deal, because Clinton would have brought in Islamists.” And a fight broke out between us, where we should have all been clearly united. To me personally, the saddest part is that American Jews also followed the same binary formula, those on the left blaming KKK on Trump and those on the right blaming Islamists on Obama and Clinton, all the while the Jews being the #1 to be on both KKK and Islamist hit list. Step back. Think it over. We all acted crazy. We have a common enemy. Both KKK and Islamists want us dead, want to destroy America. Don’t meet them divide us. We need a unified front against evil.

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