Nobody is just one thing

Afshine Emrani
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I have been called so many things throughout my life, and I am so happy that I just do not care what people think. We live in a world of labels, and I have been called Jews, Russian, and then every dark haired nationality you can imagine.

Nowadays everyone loves to talk about who is indigenous, and unfortunately where in some cases it is obvious, in others there are misconceptions and misinformation. Honestly, we are all human, but we are all made of of various pieces from all over the world. What is pure anything anyway? In our modern times, we can only move forward, of course respect what was, but appreciate what is and hopefully figure out together how to proceed.

One of my good friends just went to Israel for a family wedding. Her husband is saying special blessings for my grandmother that recently passed away at 101 years old. My soul jumped for joy when she told me he will be saying the Kaddish in Israel, I cannot explain my connection in words. The Jewish soul is connected to Israel, it is our history, our ancestors, and where we feel 100% at home.

Read up on your history, talk to Jewish people, and you will see how over 3000 years ago Israel was our home. The Babylonians, Romans, and Ottoman empires threw us all over the world, but interestingly enough, when the Arab and Muslim countries threw the Jews out, Israel happily welcomed and integrated then into their new home.

Below is a Lebanese Arab that I respect immensely, and love to hear his unapologetic, straight up perspective.

Nobody is just one thing,

From your Jewish, American, Russian, Mediterranean from my father’s side that is from the edges of Persian Empire near Turkey and Iran, Grozny, Chechnya and Latin by association of growing up in Miami,

Coach  Yulia

Fred Maroun
I have trouble with the concept of “indigenous people”, especially when it is used to discredit another people. If you go far enough back, no people is indigenous, and if you go far enough in the future, no people exists. So being indigenous is always a matter of degree.
I find it extremely hypocritical of Arabs living in Europe or North America to be pontificating about Jews not being indigenous of the Middle East. Why do those guys feel they have the right to live in a place that their ancestors never inhabited but somehow Jews whose ancestors were forcibly removed from the Middle East have no right to go back!
It is also quite hypocritical of Jews (and, even worse, non-Jews) living in Europe or North America who pontificate about the indigenous status of Palestinians who have been living in the Middle East for generations.
Discussions of who is an “indigenous people” never lead anywhere and make everyone look like fools or bigots or both. I think that the focus has to be on accepting both peoples, the Jewish people and the Palestinian people, and supporting them in finding solutions.

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