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THE WEALTHY SPIRIT by Chellie Campbell

THE WEALTHY SPIRIT by Chellie Campbell


Besides having to clean throw up of one of my children, and walk briskly in this heat to pick up my daughter from a play date, I have had the most amazing Shabbat. One of my beautiful friends just had a baby girl, and I joined the celebration for the naming at a synagogue in our community. I saw so many people that I knew, and afterwards went to meet my husband at our synagogue, we walked home, I took an amazing nap in the air conditioning. Once I woke up from my nap, the above happened, but overall I am in awe of my awareness and Jewish lesson of the week.

This morning I was reading from a book that is a course about our relationship with money. It is meant to be read daily, but for me it works better to read every weekend, share it with my husband, and internalize each new perception and task. The above page was the reading for this weekend, and it literally just blew me away, that is exactly how my husband and I see achievement, success, and life. I have never needed a net, I dive into new experiences, and he has had a cross country trucking business as well as many entrepreneurial ventures throughout his life. We both are not afraid to fall, internalize the lessons, and “keep trucking.”

I am so grateful to have my husband as my life partner, member of my team, and we really complement each other with our diverse business savvy. As I walked into synagogue today, the Rabbi was speaking about about connection, and as amazing as a love connection is, human connection on any level is what life is really about. It is not only treating everyone as you want to be treated. It is about recognizing that we all have room for improvement, everyone has value, and there is no such thing as others. We are all human beings, and the more we are open to get to know each other, that is when the magic happens.

Below is the most powerful quote about human connection,

Connecting is my favorite thing in the world,

I love energy exchange,


Coach Yulia

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