Positive, Confident, Successful

I choose to and only see the positive in everything, and I am grateful it stems from my amazing grandmother who recently passed away at 101 years old. Also my mother trusts her gut and goes with the flow, and I am so blessed to have that same 100% trust. Today I was scheduled to chaperone a trip, and then it got postponed, so I had time to babysit for the cutest nephew in town, take a Yoga class, agree to Doula a client for the second time around, and pick up my little guy from camp because he was upset. He told me that his favorite counselor was leaving today, and he was crying and very sad, I am so happy I was close by.


I found this article interesting about habits of millionaires, and some of them are just basic healthy everyday things, https://jewishhomela.com/2017/07/20/torah-musings-ten-habits-of-self-made-millionaires-torah-in-disguise/. My confidence comes from a wonderful family, supporting yet independent upbringing, as well as truly knowing, trusting, and never doubting myself. Sure I make mistakes, but I own up to them, face them head on, and move forward. It feels so good to know what I want and especially what I do not want.

Success feels good.

Doing what your love feels good.

People loving what you do feels good.

Being 100% your true self feels good,

Gratitude to all the blessings in our lives keeps us present, balanced, and happy.

Below is an amazing man, asking mind blowing question, and the answers are divine.

Feel Good!

Coach Yulia


 Afshine Emrani

If you could go back to your younger self and give him/ her one piece of advice, what would it be?

Mercay Pinder Romero
Mercay Pinder Romero Have more children and start having children at a younger age! The grad schools and careers will always be there – your reproductive system won’t (for the ladies).
Alexandra Markus
Alexandra Markus -Stop caring so much about what others think.
-Stop putting up with so much abuse and thinking you deserve it.
-Be the best you can be, try your best to do the right thing and be a good person, if people don’t like you for being you it’s their problem, not yours.
Yulia Medovoy Edelshtain
Yulia Medovoy Edelshtain I have been blessed to know that it’s OK to feel everything, all the ups and downs make us who we are, so I would tell my younger self that it’s all good
Hesh Meister
Hesh Meister Don’t pay attention to whatever everybody else says is best for you, and follow your own dreams and desires.
Afshin Giladi
Afshin Giladi Don’t leave real estate business
Ayala Jody Zonnenschein
Ayala Jody Zonnenschein It will all be OK. Relax and cherish each day. Trust yourself and listen to the inner voice.
Michelle Toumari
Michelle Toumari Stop caring about what others think or say about you, be more patient, be more kind to yourself and don’t rush.
Morad Rafael
Morad Rafael Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made.if you want a different result make a different choice .
House of Reiki
Marjan Simanian
Marjan Simanian Stop worrying about everything, you can’t make everyone happy.
Mitra Azizian
Mitra Azizian Work harder toward what I wanted to achieve
Frank Rafie
Frank Rafie Stay Positive, Stay ABOVE the obstacles thrown at you in life, Kiddo!
Steven J. Glueck
Steven J. Glueck Don’t sweat the small stuff! Just noticed that I am not the first one to post that.
Orly Benyaminy
Orly Benyaminy Don’t stay with an abusive husband!
Elain Levy
Elain Levy Buy google and Amazon stock!
Farinaz Sedaghat Mairzadeh
Farinaz Sedaghat Mairzadeh Don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!!
Sheri Shulla Delkhah
Sheri Shulla Delkhah Don’t rush to the future, it will come enjoy the moment
Christine Wells
Christine Wells Thank the Lord for each day and be kind😊
Kristina Kiso
Kristina Kiso Don’t waste your time on stupid people keep your circle small 🙌🏼🙏🏼
Mahtab Partovi
Mahtab Partovi Take time to listen closely to your gut.
It never leads you astray. 
Sharona Bolour Saghian
Sharona Bolour Saghian Be kind to myself. Something I’m still working on!!
Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodriguez Dont marry until after college
Natalia Matloubian
Natalia Matloubian Be more political.
Mahsa KamranMahsa Kamran Live like no one is watching! Always be yourself
Eyvette Sarafian
Eyvette Sarafian Don’t be so naive.give but be open to receive too.
Rachel Rosenberg
Rachel Rosenberg Waste or a Heart its a very bad thing To do <3
Celia Sealine Brown
Celia Sealine Brown This too shall pass.
Nazanin Ahoubim Samanipour
Nazanin Ahoubim Samanipour Enjoy every second of your life.. no rush
Celia Sealine Brown
Celia Sealine Brown Don’t sweat the small stuff
Sam Fink
Sam Fink Don’t bet Atlanta in the 2017 Super Bowl…
Ariana K. Soroudi
Ariana K. Soroudi Move out!!! Lol.
Mersedeh Rofeim
Mersedeh Rofeim Don’t be so naive .
Shayli Hodadad
Shayli Hodadad Find your dream career
Silvana Hobebsion Saidian
Silvana Hobebsion Saidian Stay positive .
Minoo Maasoumi
Minoo Maasoumi Be wiser
Neda Youssefia
Neda Youssefia Have more patient
Eliah Barzideh
Eliah Barzideh Love yourself in this moment because you’re going to look back and realize you were actually pretty damn awesome.
Ladan Zarnighian Hakimian
Ladan Zarnighian Hakimian Study more and be financially independent

Mansoureh Nasserchian

Mansoureh Nasserchian Don’t stop to be awsome 🙂
Shayna Davidov Hanson
Shayna Davidov Hanson Don’t waste time with insecurities or naysayers. Go with your own gut/intuition. Start now -and don’t waste time waiting for the “perfect moment”- a lot of life is trial and error, anyway. At the end of the day, you are all you have and are the only one who can save yourself.
Alexandra Ostrov
Alexandra Ostrov Stay away from boyfriends and concentrate on school, and don’t listen to your mother on choice of profession


Pamela Abramson-Levine
Pamela Abramson-Levine Don’t let anyone talk you out of buying that townhouse on healthercliff road in 1998.


Sara Jac
Sara Jac Yes, enjoy every moment and don’t worry so much. Everything will work out


Mia Thomas
Mia Thomas To follow the commandments without fail.


Nazy Sarraf Eshaghian
Nazy Sarraf Eshaghian Honey, you are not over weight. Just try to maintain! cause one day this will be your goal weight😜


Aneta-Monika Lidogoster
Aneta-Monika Lidogoster To not be so trusting.
Isaac Kight
Isaac Kight It was not your fault.


Ervin Shamsian
Ervin Shamsian Enjoy every single minute…
Fariba Cohen
Fariba Cohen Be more patient and enjoy your children
Dale J Ross Be more selective with who you trust
Joseph Mayeri
Joseph Mayeri Buy Amazon stocks!! 🙂
Sofia Bamhamed
Sofia Bamhamed if ppl reject u its fine u not meant to fit everywhere!!
Stephanie Nicole
Stephanie Nicole Don’t trust certain family members
Maria Afsharian
Maria Afsharian Stop drinking so much Dr. Pepper!
Hadara Sacher-Zemel
Hadara Sacher-Zemel Don’t cut your toenails on a city bus.
Mojgan Khorsandi
Mojgan Khorsandi Don’t worry about everything!!!
Jila Homami
Jila Homami I go with Michelle
Arash Gravori
Arash Gravori Buy BitCoin when it’s $0.003
Sal Aversano
Sal Aversano There’s nothing wrong with you. And you don’t need to take any ones crap.
Jason Kersch
Jason Kersch dont take advice from people that resemble you and claim to be from the future
Sherlin Liora Niamehr
Sherlin Liora Niamehr Be patient, don’t settle, you are worth more than you think.
Nathalie Ghidalia
Nathalie Ghidalia How heavy are yours weight you’ll never carry on….
Michael Olivestone
Michael Olivestone Stay away from Ilene Buckingham.
Miriam Shadi
Miriam Shadi Appreciate every minute of it 😘

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