Finally a little peace in my home as well as Israel with Palestinians

Today was the first day in almost 9 years that my kids took a rest in the middle of the day during Shabbat. I guess when they were babies, they would nap in the stroller to and fro as we walked to synagogue.  Today was different, they all just relaxed in their beds, were not all over me, and I was feeling like it was a new era. Usually I rest in the morning while my husband takes them to shul, and in the afternoon he rests, then I take them out or we hang out.

I just realized I was reading a paper from the end of June, but everything I was reading was about pride, success, collaboration, and peace.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman has become a positive and proud symbol for Israel. If Lebanon did not ban the movie, and other activists decided not to boycott, nobody would have even cared where she was from.

A Palestinian tech start up app is making waves and expanding by updating on activity in Middle East hot spots.  It is so amazing to see something positive and innovative, and I hope it inspires and alerts others to what is possible.

Finally, an agreement between Israel and Gaza on water shortages below,

There is hope,

My night was not as peaceful as my day,

Thank God for the ups and downs of life,

Without the downs, how would we appreciate the ups?

Coach Yulia


israel gaza water 001.jpg

Sorry I only had the paper copy and could not find it online, so a little sloppy in my scanner, it is from, the July 20-August 3 issue in the news section.

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