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I had the most amazing experience in my Yoga class today. A new student told me it was the first time he really listened and followed a class, other times there was too much in his head.  I love when a person really gets present to the moment, let’s themselves go, and just allows self expression and feeling good. I wrote about my Yoga teacher yesterday saying the powerful thought that “your cell is your cell,” and as I was explaining it to the class today. This same student thought I said, “our cells are ourselves.”  I love that our perception lets us hear and understand what we need at the right time.

  • Cellular Phone
  • Jail Cell
  • Cells inside our body

I live in a constant state of replaying the miracles of each day. Sometimes I am not present, such as today when I ran out of my car without checking the meter. I was running to teach my class, checking the last minute messages on my phone (we are not free in our cell) and saying hello to students also running to make it to class on time. I happened to go through my purse, and pulled out a parking garage receipt from that same gym, and it made me realize I had forgotten to take care of my meter. I told the class to child’s pose, luckily we just started and warmed up, ran to my car, Thank God no ticket, and grateful that my brain was made aware by an old receipt in my purse.

I had time to take a nap today, for some reason feeling tired with this weather. Luckily have classes mornings and evenings, and love to do my favorite thing, have a siesta.

I always remind myself and everyone around me to be grateful for our challenges. They say if everyone threw their problems into a pile, we would take ours back. I am so blessed with my family, yet buttons are pushed, tantrums take turns, so happy when it’s bedtime.

I have had moments to sit down and write, and the main topic in my head is Israel, and the most recent conflict with the Palestinian leaders, who do not care for their own people. It disgusts me to see headlines that tell only one side of the story, and excuse radical terrorism and the cold blooded murder of innocent civilians. You can see comments from people that I respect below, they are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Arab, and Thank God are spreading truth loud and proud.

Coach Yulia

God bless #USA for standing with #Israel.
American & Israeli Navy in special op training under water!


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Nadiya Al-Noor shared a link to the group: Fight BDS.

Muslims, we have an obsession about the Palestinians, and it’s infantilizing them while blinding us to all the other suffering in our community.


Holy moly. There is a lot that needs to be said about what has happened over the past few days…….BLOGS.TIMESOFISRAEL.COM

Fred Maroun

Please do not stand in judgement of the Israeli government for taking down the metal detectors. I am very disappointed by the decision, but remember that the government of Israel was alone against the world.

Do not blame the Israeli government. Blame all the other governments in the world for not speaking up in support of common sense. Blame the Arab regimes for being afraid of the Islamist hatred that they themselves created and fostered. Blame all the cowardly antisemites all over the world who lied on this occasion like they do on every occasion.

Do not compound the injustice done to Israel by blaming the group of people that has been agonizing for almost two weeks knowing the burden that is on their shoulders, the same burden that every government since Israel’s independence has had to carry.

Do not assume that they don’t know that appeasement has a price. They know it all too well. Without having been in the cabinet room, I know that they endlessly considered every angle and every strategy. In the end they decided knowing the risks, and I for one have nothing but respect for them. If all governments in the world were as conscientious as them, the world would be quite different.

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