Mission: Placenta


I feel so grateful to be part of the birth community, and immensely enjoy teaching Prenatal Yoga and offering Labor and Birth Doula services. Today I had a new experience, one of the best placenta encapsulators, Blyss Young, who is also a Midwife needed help picking up a placenta. She had a live stream yesterday about the benefits of ingesting your placenta after the birth of your baby, it helps with Post Partum Depression and much more.

The more you know the better,

To each their own,

Informed consent is everything,

So blessed to be supporting women in their journey,

Coach Yulia

Ivy Joeva was live — with Blyss Young
Uncovering the Truth about Placentas: Is Eating Your Placenta Safe? Does it help prevent postpartum depression? What are the Benefits? What are the Risks? And Why has the CDC Warned against this ancient practice? Expert Answers to Your Questions!

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