My husband and I are doing it together

Many Europeans believe in the benefits of napping so much that they shut down in the afternoon to allow everyone to take a quick power nap, recharge, and come…


I have always been a proponent, spokesperson, and example of self care. My husband did take one Yoga class when we were dating, but I totally get it that its not his thing. I always say that there are so many ways to be healthy and active, find what you like, do it, and enjoy it! I also love my naps, and when I was single it was my recharge in my non stop life. Now with children and my business, my luxury only happens every Saturday morning, when my husband takes the kids to synagogue on Shabbat and I get a quiet house to myself.

We are coming up on 10 years married next month, and it is a reflection of three babies in a row, him completely supporting me in building my career as he watched over our children and our home, while also building his business.

My health and fitness journey now is about forming healthy habits, and although my husband is an amazing cook, we both had to learn to be good eaters. So we are doing it together, and we feel great and not hungry, thanks to the guidance of a new program with Mia Adler Ozair,

Because I teach at 24 Hour Fitness, my husband gets a free membership, but it has been hard to make time to go. Today he went with me for his workout, while I taught a class.

So excited for a healthy “us,”

For each other,

For my business,

As an example to our children,

Grateful, Conscious, and not hungry,

Below I am sharing our spiritual side, which is a big part of “us,”

Coach Yulia


Afshine Emrani
We are now in the 9 days of mourning over the destruction of The Temple. Next Monday is the Fast of 9th of Av when both Holy Temples were set on fire, the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. Tradition tells us that during this period, we refrain from eating meat or drinking wine, and from wearing new clothes. More importantly, we yearn for the rebuilding of our Temple, for a time of peace in Jerusalem, and for a time when days of mourning will be transformed to days of Joy, for us, and for the rest of the world. Amen.#TishaBAv

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