Silence From Media on Israel

Afshine Emrani
I have zero, no sympathy for the 3 Palestians killed by Israeli soldiers. They had no business walking into the home of a Jewish family and slaughtering them. They were murderers who deserved to die. The only people to blame are not Israelis but their evil leaders, Hamas and Abbas, who have blood on their hands. These terrorists butchered an innocent family, whose only guilt was being Jewish. They are NOT freedom fighters. They did not attack soldiers. They are cowards preying on innocent Jews. I’m outraged by these thugs, but it’s nothing new. They need to be killed and anyone in contact with them, any members of their families, banned from ever entering Israel. What disgusts me more are Jews who have become terrorist sympathizers, wanting to reach out to them, to sit and discuss their feelings. Give me a f…ing break. 3 innocent Jews, your father, your sister, celebrating Shabbat in their home were chopped up alive with knives. You want to talk, talk to the families and neighbors who will never recover form that hideous scene. What the hell gives you the mindset to reach out to talk to Palestnian murderers? You wanted to sit with Hitler’s willing executioners and discuss their feelings? Have you lost your mind? These murderers deserve no discussion, just elimination. When your compassion extends to those who would murder your children, you’ve become evil. Those who are kind to evil end up evil to the kind.
If you stand with Linda Sarsour, if you think this POS speaks for you, if you walk in her marches because you think she is a human rights activist, then get the hell away from my page. Unfriend me, block me, because she is pure evil and loathsome and shame on all of you Americans who have become terrorist sympathizers. She and you celebrate the killing of a Jewish family, not soldiers, having Shabbat dinner. Linda, the higher you climb up the tree, the more you show your ugly ass. Vomit.

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Outrage from all over the world, and not a peep from the media, only biased reporting. I am going to share some posts I completely agree with, sorry about graphic content.

Coach Yulia


Noor Dahri
🇵🇸 This is a Palestinian terrorist who killed 3 Israelis. 🔪

🇮🇱 Does he need a better treatment in Israeli hospital from Israeli taxpayers pockets?

⛔️ HE NEEDS A BULLET NO BETTER TREATMENT. This is what he wanted.

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Madielene Alkilhlil
So very sad. Their murderer is receiving the best care in one of our hospitals. This makes me so angry and yet proud. Proud that we as Jews live by a higher moral compass than that of the PLO/ Hamas/ Palestinian Terrorists/ISIL/ Al Qaeda or any other terrorist. Angry that we live in a world that can never understand what we as Israelis Jews know to be fact. You cannot reason with people who have no value of life. See below the picture of the aftermath of what happened and the reality of what my fellow Israeli tribesmen live with every day. Thank you Alan Silver for keeping us aware.

Blood being a very Holy part of our bodies, treated as such.

Here we see the volunteers of ZAKA cleaning up the scene of the murderous terrorist attack in Halamish with the greatest of respect , according to Jewish laws. It is not just washing the blood away, but removing it and as much as possible and being disposed of it in a respectful way. Not washing it down a drain.

What a heart breaking job that are done by volunteers that are not paid.


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The 3 murdered victims of the terrible terrorist attack in Halamish.

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