Praying for Israel

Afshine Emrani

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Afshine Emrani

🇵🇸This is a great example of the Political Islamic terrorism in 🇮🇱 & Israelis are the prime victims of the terrorism. Israel needs to take strong and final action such as operation in West Bank.

3 Israelis (one of them was 70 years old) were killed in their home by Palestinian terrorists.

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While I was enjoying a peaceful Shabbat, the whole time I was praying for Israel. Last night we had a friend come by early, and then went to good friends until late at night. Today after I had a peaceful nap, and my kids came home from synagogue, we went to visit with friends all day, since Shabbat does not end until almost 9pm.

Just now I went out with a wonderful friend, just hopped around and had great girl talk. Now I am refocusing on Israel, and like the sentiments above, I agree the leadership is failing and inciting the Palestinian people. My Jewish and Muslim brothers in the statements above are expressing sadness and disgust on the murder of innocent Jews.

Every other holy site in the world has security and metal detectors, why should Israel be different? In Israel every faith is allowed to worship in their holy places, which is unlike when Christian and Muslim empires conquered and wiped out or converted everyone in their path.

Who is ready for truth from a Lebanese Arab that speaks it unabashedly?

I am grateful for our social media platform to spread the truth,
I stand with Israel,
I stand with security,
Coach Yulia

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