Expression and Discipline


When I was in Doula training, one of the first things we had to do was draw our image of what being a Doula meant to us. If you look closely, the mom in gold has a tiny face, and rounded belly. I am smiling and reminding her to breathe.

On Sunday we joined some friends at LACMA, an art museum, and it has a special room for kids to paint.  My friend was asking me why I do not paint, and if it gives me anxiety, and my honest answer was that it does not bring me pleasure.  I love to perform, to write, and I love fashion.  Painting is not my thing, or drawing, but I do love to enjoy it, and I am fascinated by the process of all artists.

She was saying that like Yoga, painting is a mix between expression and discipline.  That really resonated with me, because discipline without expression is not enough. However, if you have expression, it is amazing to do your thing, but having direction, structure, and knowledge of what came before really makes it come to life.

After my crazy day yesterday, the amazing coincidences, which are not coincidences, because nothing is coincidence, they just did not stop.  I arrived at my 6pm Pilates class at 24 Hour Fitness and saw a good friend that randomly joined the gym and was wondering if I was the same Yulia. Then when I made a quick U turn in to my parking area of my building (did you notice there was a U turn in yesterdays story too?) I noticed a guy with a pony tail that looked familiar, and when I pulled next to the car, yep, it was him and his wife, regulars of my Yoga class.  I looked at them, and when they rolled down the window we all started laughing because I had previously invited them to join my family for dinner sometime, and now they knew where I lived!

So today was just pure bliss, after a private class in my home, I headed off to take my own Yoga class with my 85 year old teacher, Raghavan.  I love to absorb his pearls of wisdom and precious gems of descriptions of movements and how it manifests in our body. The magic phrase of today was, “starts from within and goes out to the skin,” describing how a pose affects our organs, body systems, and flows to our skin.

Then I FINALLY went to get a body scrub at the Korean Spa, and spent quality time with my sister in law visiting from Denver.

One more class to go,

Present and Grateful,

Coach Yulia

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