The Timing of Life

What a day! So while getting my kids ready for camp, we realize my five year old is going hiking, and we cannot find his favorite cap anywhere. After my husband takes them to camp at 8:30am, I literally ransack the house, nothing, felt dizzy and annoyed.

9:15am I arrive at my first Yoga class, letting them know I have to go right away after class.

10:10am I run out of the class, leaving everyone in the resting pose, to my next class that starts at 10:30am that is exactly 15 minutes away with no traffic, Thank God arrived safe.

During all of this I receive a text that my younger son needs to be picked up from camp, my older one did not go to the camp today because he has a cast from rollerskating the week before, and its not good to sweat or get wet, and hiking or sports are off limits.


So the original plan was my husband was going to be with my older son running errands, while I was teaching.  Once we got the call that my little one was not going hiking, luckily my husband was able to pick him up, but he had an appointment to go to after.

Once I got home, I had a lunch meeting with a wonderful friend that I have not seen for way too long.  Originally we were going to meet in Culver City, but I wanted my sister in law to join us, and suggested we go to an amazing Kosher restaurant in my neighborhood that I always wanted to try, walking distance from my house,, all that and more!

12:30pm My sister in law told me she could not come, and I told my husband to go to his meeting, and decided to just take the boys along with me with a device, and still enjoy my time with my friend.  If we had our original plans in Culver City, it would not have worked.

Yesterday one of my Yoga regulars called and said her 8 year old daughter wanted to spend their special day together doing Yoga with me. She had come once and watched, and we were keeping in touch to meet around 2pm.

1:40pm As I am sitting having lunch with my friend, I see my 2pm Yoga client walking by the restaurant with her daughter, I run out, tell her I will be home by 2pm, all is good.

3pm I take my boys with me to pick up my daughter from camp across town, and decide to take a different road than usual, and hit a red light. A little old lady is motioning for me to roll down my window, and asks me where is Wilshire, a street that was 5 blocks away.  She was barely standing with a cane, as a Russian immigrant, I can recognize any Russian immigrant especially with the accent.  As I started driving away I told my boys I had to help her, it was 3:15pm, and I had to pick up my daughter at 3:30pm.  I make a u turn, ask her if she speaks Russian, ask her where she is going, she gets in my car and is giving me blessings for life, health, and thanking me.  We didn’t get each others’ names, she had to run, I had to run, right place right time, my boys saw a mitzva, a kind and good deed.

Now we are home, and I have to get this all out,

The day is not over yet,

Three more classes to go,

If none of this makes sense,

Enjoy some beautiful truths below,

I just needed to get it all out,

I feel better now,

Coach Yulia

Laleh Haverim Masjedi
“You can eat all the broccoli and kale in the world, but if you are in a toxic relationship, or hate your career, you will not feel well. Primary foods are even more important than foods we eat. It is Relationships, fulfilling career, spirituality, and exercise, that keep us truly fed and healthy!”
First day of Nutrition school… and loving it!!!


Blyss Young
I’m remembering that self care is so much more than bubble baths and healthy food.
It’s about focusing on yourown joy. I’m surrounded by a lot of people who are struggling right now. And it started to make me feel like “life is hard and sucks”. But that has never been me. I isolated my own life. Like just me in this body and remembered how hard I have worked for decades now to understand what brings me joy. And really I am happy! I’m healthy, I’m on my path and I have many people that I love deeply in my life. I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Life is fundamentally good.
I was at Erwon yesteday getting some food at the hot food counter. And I could tell the man serving me was not happy. I just kept smiling and speaking warmly to him. And eventually he broke a smile and said it was hard to have a bad day when I was smiling so much. I told him I noticed and was pouring my love on him. It was a beautiful moment for us both and the few people that were around us.
I’m remembering that I can love people without making their path and woes mine, I am not helping them or anyone else when I go into the ditch with them. I will invite them into the things that have worked for me and keep rising…. we are independent humans making our own choices for ourselves.
I have this habit of thinking if I love people enough I can help them heal and be happy. The reality is maybe in some small ways I help brighten someones day. But joy and healing (long term) are inside jobs.
It’s not my responsibility to make anyone else happy but myself.
Mind blown.
Afshine Emrani
76 year-old lady here to see me for chest pains. The brakes on her car went out in the canyons. She did not want to hit anyone at high speed and thought “better kill me than anyone else.” She pulled over to hit a tree on the right shoulder but a large rock flipped her car over twice shattering all her windows and caving in the roof until she hit another tree that finally stopped her. She should have died. She walked away without a scratch, just some aches. “You know my breast implants saved me…” she jokes. “God has a plan for me. My time isn’t done yet. I need to help someone before I leave this world.” I believe her. Turn your misfortune into someone else’s fortune, and you’ve fixed the world.

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