I actually cooked lunch for guests yesterday



Yulia, this is what the story of your life, will be called! With this subject, you attract attention and make your friends laugh. Your amazing writing skills and incredible sense of humour will make you an award-winning author and this book will become a bestseller for sure!

I am always amused by these fun games online, and this one cracked me up. I need glasses to drive and to watch a show, but otherwise my vision is descent, and I actually prefer to see outlines when I teach my classes. I only wear contacts when I am going to an event or concert, because then I really want to see and not miss a thing.  Yes I am always looking for my glasses, especially my prescription sunglasses, which I wear all the time living in Los Angeles, and can see everything crystal clear.  I finally got a mini sac, which is a mix between a purse and a backpack, with multiple pockets for organizing everything from money to gadgets. So overall I do my best to put my prescription sunglasses, and my regular glasses in the same spot, which I need for indoor events or night driving.

If I did write a memoir of my life, and if you do not know this already about me, probably one of the chapters would be, “I am not domestic.” I was blessed with a cleanaholic husband who has been told he should cater or be a chef.  I can make basics, but definitely the way to my heart is through my stomach, and another chapter would be, “I love being serviced.”  So yesterday we had a whole lunch plan at our place with friends, and then would hang out together the rest of the day.  My husband was waiting on a business call, and finally got it over the weekend, and couldn’t make our lunch. Of course I wasn’t going to cancel it, we had planned it for weeks.  It was old friends, bringing new friends, and a fun day for the kids. So luckily, we had basics in the fridge, I attempted to mimic his famous salad, and even marinated and made a decent chicken. Following some of his directions, and help of You Tube.  Luckily, Thank God, everyone said everything was delicious, but boy are they in for a treat when they join us for Shabbat dinner and taste the real deal.

I am proud of myself,

It was a lot of work,

Hats off to the cooks and stay at home parents,

I would not survive more than a day,

I always see the positive, but know when to call it quits,


Coach Yulia

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