Druze are friends of Jews and Israel

Afshine Emrani
There’s shocking footage of 3 Palestinian terrorists shooting Israeli officers on Temple Mount, then trying to flee. They took selfie before and posted it on Facebook, how they will kill Jews, how great it will be. Israeli soldiers kill them. Meanwhile reports coming out from fake Arab news Aljazira that Israelis killed Palestinians unprovoked. Palestinian terrorists murdered Israelis from within a site revered by Jews, Muslims, and Christians. The world must condemn today’s attack.
Shin Bet identifies shooters, shot dead during attack, as Arab Israelis from the city of Umm al-Fahm; all three share the same name: Muhammad Jabarin
The dead policemen are from Druze (not Jews, learn about them) community.
Kamil Shanan from Kfar Hurfeish
Hail Sattawi from Kfar Magar
One’s baby son is just 20 days oldShame on Hamas, Fatah, Abbas, UNESCO, Paestinian terrorists for killing a young, loving dad. #TempleMount #Jerusalem #Israel
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Alan Silver
The situation at the moment is very complicated.
The terrorists from this morning’s killed two Druze policemen.
They are a very proud people and very loyal to our country of Israel.
They are very angry about this attack and they may want to revenge this murder. They are not scared of anyone or anything. They are also a community that are a blessing to have as citizens of Israel. They do not look to convert Jews to their religion as they do not accept converts under ANY circumstances. So there is no threat from them on our people.
I send my condolences to their families and their communities. and thank them for their service to our country. Unfortunately, there have been many Druze killed in their line of duty. They are fluent in speaking Arabic, and so they are sent to the areas where there are interaction with Arabs. They are fearless and great believers in One G-d.
I would like to personally thank the Druze community for all what they do for us. We have Druze guards, here for Shabbos and they happily help us out with any problem that may arise on Shabbos in our community.
A very sad day for our country.

In Jewish thinking even things that are horrible and beyond our understanding, there is a way that they fit into the flow of life, and we can rise above and beyond.  There really is no such thing as coincidence, and after the sadness from above, maybe the story below will get us all grateful, peaceful, full of hope and faith.

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

Hirshy Minkowicz

Seat 14D

My boarding pass said that I was seated in the aisle in row 14 for my flight from New York back to Atlanta. I parked myself there and waited for the plane to fill up and we would be on our way.

A few minutes later a couple arrived and indicated that they were seated in the two seats next to me. As I got up to let them in, I heard the woman say to her husband “don’t worry I will clean up the shmutz on the seat”.

Bingo! that was all I needed to hear, they had used a Jewish word (shmutz) and exposed themselves as members of the tribe. We immediately got to chatting.

Before long I discovered that they were on their way to visit their relatives in Alpharetta, people that I ‘happen’ to be close with, and that live not far from my house. We agreed that when we landed we would share an Uber from the Airport, and we marveled at the hand of G-D that put us together in such a random way.

They upped the coincidence game when they told me that they live in New Haven, Connecticut. My son will be going to a Yeshiva in New Haven in the fall, and I had been hoping to meet someone from there that could serve as a local contact for things he might need. My new friends offered any help we would ever need.

We were happy to have seen another act of divine providence and I already started formulating the Hirshy Bar in my mind, when suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder and I heard “Excuse me sir you are in my seat”.

I looked up at the young boy and with a smile on my face I gently said “Sorry young man but look at my boarding pass, 14D is my seat”. He got the last laugh when he replied “Yes sir that is correct , however look at my boarding pass, you are sitting in 15D which is my seat”

Now the coincidence list had grown. I wasn’t even supposed to be sitting in that seat, I had sat there by accident or so I thought.

We arrived in Atlanta and made our way to the waiting Uber for our ride to Alpharetta.

As we were almost at our destination my new friend tells me “By the way today was my lucky day, I made $1600 on our tickets” he continued to explain “We were originally booked on the 7am flight this morning, yet it was oversold and they were looking for volunteers to be bumped to a later flight in exchange for travel credit. My wife and I volunteered and they gave us $800 each and booked us on your flight!’

I told him that knowing they were bumped onto my flight made this my lucky day too.

Sitting in the wrong row, next to people that weren’t even supposed to be on the flight, “I know your Alpharetta relatives”, “We would love to help your son get settled into New Haven”…. Just a random series of coincidences? – I think not.

Shabbat Shalom

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