There are skills, and then there’s ENERGY

I have done many different kind of jobs, and had many adventures throughout my life; what they all have in common is energy. My brother makes fun of me, because I talk about energy exchange all of the time, but for me ENERGY IS EVERYTHING!

In any field, you can have a person that is skilled, talented, and even genetically predisposed to be the best.  I feel if their energy, passion, and connection is missing, the other stuff are not enough.  Of course one person’s energy will be good for one but not a right fit for another.  That is why there really is no competition or comparison in ANYTHING.

I have been teaching for almost 20 years, and now specialize in women and love adults, children are just not my thing.  Especially in Yoga, we are meant to step off of the world, and children are not mean to turn off.  There are amazing kids Yoga options out there, but I like to keep my energy calm, connected, and inward.  When everybody in the class goes inward, such a beautiful energy exchange happens in the whole room.

I love to be flexible (double entendre,)  love to pick up classes, and help out to substitute when I have openings in my schedule.  I have been helping out a kids workout program, and recently was asked to run a fun camp fitness program for kids aged 2-8.  She told me that the teacher before me did not bring the energy, and even though kids are not my specialty, I know how to bring the energy to everything I do. I completely tune into the population and environment, and sometimes act super silly, and have fun myself.  The less structure the better for me.  So after teaching, I told the coordinator, that even if they loved it, I don’t want to do it permanently because kids are not my thing.  So they loved it, and I agreed to teach two final classes, so silly me is coming out, high energy mode.

I got so much energy, that I drive an electric car!

Coach Yulia

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