“in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.”

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My Jewish friends who live in #Israel– you have no idea… You have no idea how reassuring it is to walk on the streets of Haifa and run into an #IDFsoldier. You have no idea how much pride there is to look outside your window in Tel Aviv and find Israeli flags dancing with the wind. You have no idea what it’s like to walk to almost any doorway or gate in any city and find the words of SHEMA housed within a Mezuzah. You have no idea how comfortable it is to walk into any restaurant in Jerusalem and find kosher food. You have no idea how breathtaking are your people, how rich and diverse your culture, how advanced your medicine and technology, how fun your music and dances, and how mesmerizing your youth. You have no idea because as a non-Israeli Jew, my heart is overwhelmed with the beauty of what you have built in such a short time, under so many wars and terror attacks. I’m filled with gratitude for all of you who serve both God and the Israeli Defense Forces so that we who live outside The Land can walk securely and proudly among nations, because we have you. We owe you everything. You have no idea. Todah.

🇮🇱 ISRAEL! Where you have a religious Jew, a religious Muslim, and a secular Jew all hanging out in the same place.

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To be a realist, you must believe in miracles. Only in Israel. David Ben-Gurion. Because #TheChosen Because #Hashem

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Israel is magic, all of the holy sites of every faith are safe because of the Jewish state.  Other cultures and empires have conquered and destroyed! Below is an amazing retelling of history, and how Israel was the only state that has been around 3000 years, all the other countries including Jordan, Iraq, Lybia, and Lebanon were just partitions of tribes, they never existed before.

There is only one truth,
The more we share facts and history,
Educate and learn from each other,
Then we can move forward together,
Appreciating each other’s diversity,
Celebrating our roots and culture,
Thank God,
Coach Yulia

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