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Every Friday I look forward to Shabbat, all day we are preparing for Shabbat.  I am so excited to have brand new guests tonight that we have not met before.  We love to host, my husband always makes a delicious meal, and we have friends that reach out to the community to see who does not have a place to go for Shabbat.

This week the Prime Minister of India was visiting Israel, and one of the most powerful moments is in the video above.  There was a terrorist attack in Mumbai that killed the parents of the little boy in the video.  He is alive and well, living in Israel, thriving, Thank God life goes on. He had the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of India, and was promised by the Prime Minister of Israel that they will go to Mumbai together.

I love progress,

I love life,

I love communication,

I love truth,

Below you will see a statement about Linda Sarsour,

She chooses her words carefully, that she knows have multiple meanings,

She is dangerous, especially for people that blindly believe her,

I am so grateful for social media so I can read and share truth,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
Linda Sarsour is important. Do not ignore her. She is the voice of evil that is dominating America’s left: The Terrorist Sympathizer Liberal Left. TSLL. Here’s how it works. She strings at your heart, then she goes for the jugular. She tells you it’s a Woman’s March, then she becomes the voice of Palestinian terrorists. She tells you she stands for women, then she advocates extreme Sharia which gives women no rights AND has the audacity to tell Israelis, the only true democracy in Middle East that you can’t be a Zionist and a feminist. Wait, Israel had a Zionsit female Prime Minister, Golda Meir, before Linda learned to talk, and Israel just had an Orthodox Jewish Zionist pilot fly Netanyahu across the world and women are not even allowed to drive in her holy Mecca! And now, she calls for Jihad on the American President, a word that in any English speaking country means nothing short of war and mass killing, but quickly goes on the offensive telling us that we don’t understand that she was referring to the spiritual meaning of Jihad which is a personal overcoming of one’s evil inclinations. She take us for fools. Not us. But the TSLL, Terrorist Sympathizer Liberal Left. This woman is a clear and present danger to the West and to the American Democracy we hold so dear. Her Jihad is a call for incitement of violence on our President Donald J. Trump.
(Here are comments from another post about the same topic)
Aedan O’Connor Jihad has a violent connotation. She could have said resist but she chooses her words carefully. She must’ve anticipated that non muslims would see that vid as well . The fact is she’s a really slimey person and doesn’t deserve an ounce of defense.
Nadiya Al-Noor Jihad is a word central to our faith. I use that word. In fact, I think Muslims should use it more often so that this crap doesn’t happen.
Aedan O’Connor I believe you but the fact is outside of Islam it has an extremely negative connotation. What about all the radical leftists who saw that video and followed the advice to commit jihad but western interpretation
Nadiya Al-Noor What radical leftists? Did something happen?
Aedan O’Connor The ones who support her
I’m saying let’s say there were some violent ones among them and they take her advice to commit jihad (but western meaning)
There’s already a lot of violence towards republican to the point where my friends and I are afraid of publicly stating our political views See More
Arthur Toporovsky She chose the word because of its connotation. She wanted this backlash. It makes her accusation of Islamophobia seem correct.
Rachel Ann Anolick-hindarochel Jihad has many meanings, but it does also referring to violent resistance. And resist has come to mean violence as well.

She knows what she said. She knew how her words would be received. She used the word anyway. She was talking violence.

Nadiya Al-Noor She explains clearly what she means by jihad in the speech, so I don’t think this video will radicalize anyone
William Geller Nadiya Al-Noor Whether its central to Islam or not, the violent connotation is very real and with Sarsour’s connections to Hamas, it doesn’t really help her “non-violent” case.
Aedan O’Connor I’m not Muslim so I’ll concede to not understanding
I just know this woman is a snake and I don’t trust her motives
Nadiya Al-Noor I agree she’s garbage, but for once, I don’t think she’s in the wrong here
Rachel Ann Anolick-hindarochel She is not a non-violent person. She does espouse hate. And much of the resistance re Trump has been violent.

So not sure I believe her.
Vladidas Khaykin “Outside of the Jewish community, Zionism has very negative connotations. Jews should not use that word so as not to trigger those who are ignorant of its actual meaning.” This argument is rooted in the same “logic” as that of the Dyke March organizers who banned the Star of David rainbow flag.
Aedan O’Connor Vladidas Khaykin
The western connotation of Jihad has killed a lot of people
People hate zionism because they hate jews
Rachel Ann Anolick-hindarochel Not really. Anti-Zionist sentiment is anti the idea of Jews having a homeland. Jihad has the meaning of a struggle but also, because of the actions of many, sadly, Jihad takes on a meaning of violence, and is the meaning more understood by a vast numbeSee More
Vladidas Khaykin Rachel, that’s my point. You can’t paint Zionism with the brush of a few bad apples and insist people not use the term “Zionism” because people misunderstand what it means. 

Neither should you paint 1.7B Muslims with a broad brush and insist they not use “jihad” because most misunderstand what it means to the majority ofSee More
Rachel Ann Anolick-hindarochel I am not. But her words are used deliberately and for the reason that it will cause a backlash. Other Muslims should start to use the word in a way that comes to mean not Jihad against a person but against an idea or against themselves.

Nadiya Al-Noor more importantly, it is not really meant to. Her immediate audience knows what she means, the secondary audience and media will over react, as she is surely aware of.
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PM Netanyahu and PM of India Narendra Modi had enjoyed the Israeli beach and attended a demonstration of a mobile seawater desalination unit which can purify 20,000 liters per day of sea water & 80,000 liter per day of contaminated river water.

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